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Using TFS 2010 With BIDS 2008

Well, my good mates at Microsoft have managed to leave us developers in a bit of a lurch, AGAIN.

The situation this time is that Visual Studio 2010 does not have support for SQL Server 2008 R2 in there yet, so we are forced to use BI Development Studio (BIDS) 2008 with SQL 2008 R2.

What makes this painful is that VS2010 should support everything, but now we are forced to work in 2 different environments. Additionally, BIDS 2008 will not work with Team Foundation Server 2010 out of the box.

In an even funnier situation, we have to use VS2010 to version control the SQL 2008 R2 databases, as this cannot be done in BIDS.

I hate to say this, but Microsoft seems to have dropped the developer ball since Bill left. Sad smile

Anyways, there is a solution, but not a simple one sadly. The post here describes how to get this working.

I already had BIDS2008 installed with VS2010 side-by-side. The steps I followed to get this working were:

  1. Install VS 2008 Team explorer (download here)
  2. Install VS 2008 SP1 (download here)
  3. Install VS2008 SP1 Forward compatibility Update For TFS2010 (download here)
  4. Update registry entry as per this blog (Medo Blog) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\TeamFoundation\Servers with the URL to your Project Collection in TFS so that BIDS can connect to TFS properly. URL looks like http://TFSServer:8080/tfs/collection (assuming default install paths, virtual directories, etc.). Just add a new string type (REG_SZ) with name = tfsservername and value = URL (as above).

Once that is done, open BIDS and connect to TFS, the server should already be there when you go to connect in Team explorer 2008.

VS2010 connects natively (possibly dependent on VS version) to TFS so we can version control the databases, but it sure would be a lot nicer to just have all this stuff work OOTB like it should, re-align SQL and VS releases if you need to Microsoft, I’d be happier to wait for an aligned release than deal with this mess.

Happy BI Development Smile


WLW Will Run in Server 2008

This post provides a link to the .msi, which will install on Windows Server 2003. Obviously not a technical issue. Wish somebody at MS would explain why they are doing this as it makes no sense to me.


This post was done in WLW RTM version on Windows Server 2003.

Last post using Windows Live Writer?

Well sadly, Microsoft has decided to disadvantage developers with it’s consumer products…Windows Live Writer no longer runs on Windows Server operating systems.

Why is this an issue I hear you ask….well..I’m a big fan of developing against target servers on your primary development environment (to avoid frequently poor remote debugging experience). This means Windows Server 2008 is my primary operating system on my development laptop.

I can’t really see using the web based interface (the resultant formatting is atrocious, see my mate Rob’s blog, where wrap around causes loss of spaces between words, etc…..not horrific, but not clean the way I like it.


So can anybody suggest a blog writing tool that will work on Windows Server 2003?