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Time On My Hands…

Well sadly, the market downturn in IT has caught me up. I was made redundant from Artis Group a few weeks ago and am now looking for work. If anybody is looking for a .NET or SharePoint architect/lead, give me a buzz (

So now that I have some time on my hands, looks like its time to get back to some interesting technical stuff (in between applying and interviewing for jobs).


I have a few options:

1. From some previous posts, you will have noticed I am a bit of a DSL fan, especially with the DSL capabilities available in VS2008. A long while ago on this blog I started to walk through a DSL project to use a DSL designer to generate ORM data access classes (and associated database artefacts). I have seen quite a few ORM layers over the years and dislike the typical approach of generating the ORM layer from the database table. I prefer to design the domain objects needed then have entity classes, data access and databases stuff all generated. It’s a bit more object centric than database centric, which is what ORM should be about and allows one to define a proper object hierarchy with explicit shallow versus deep loading (again, I am not a fan of lazy loading as it is not well enough understood and results in serious performance issues due to the misunderstandings).

2. I also have a little background project on the go to implement an SMS broadcasting, social networking site. I am looking at doing an ASP.NET and a Silverlight (3 or 4 depending on timing) interface for it. This a bit commercially sensitive so may not get much public coverage, except for interesting technical tidbits I find doing the work.

3. And finally, I am super keen to do some more stuff with SharePoint 2010. This is the version us developers have been waiting for; full 64 bit development support, develop on windows 7 (instead of server) and a lot more VS support for SharePoint development and some more bits we can get at….nice!

So, where to start?

I’ll think about that and let you know tomorrow…