Hi and welcome. This blog is going to be my personal channel to the world where I identify useful things I find, discuss software architecture topics and occasionally rant about some of the stupid stuff that happens out there. This will be more professional than personal, but you may expect occasional personal issues to come into play.

My name is Derek Miller. I have been a professional software engineer and architect for around 24 years. Wow have things changed in that time frame. I currently work in a Solution Architect role at CGI (a world leading software consultancy) in the Microsoft practice. We do custom solution development, as well as, full system integration projects (sometimes hard to tell them apart lately).

Some of the areas I plan to cover in this blog are:

  1. Custom solution development in .NET (Web, Windows, Mobile – WCF, WF – SOA, Smart Client)
  2. Integration of Java solutions with Microsoft platforms (Java2MS).
  3. Methodology (especially focusing on "Lean" techniques), architecture, patterns.
  4. Software factories
  5. Microsoft platforms and technologies – SharePoint, PerformancePoint, Silverlight, CardSpace, others.


So now that the first "welcome" post is done, please stay tuned to see what we run into this week.


DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and should not be construed to be coming from my employer.


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